CMP Initiative

Activities under CMP 2018-19 


1:- Teaching learning material(TLM).

 2:- Preparation ofTLM(Unit Wise).

 3:- Use of TLM .

 4:- Effectiveness of TLM.

 5:-Resource Room.

6:- Decoration of Resource Room.

 7:- Proper use of Resource Room.

 8:- Teaching through LCD (LiquidCrystal Display) and Over Head Projector.

 9:- Use of high duty photocopy.

 10:- Cultural Activities.

 11:- Games and sports.

 12:- Film Show and Excursion.

 13:- use of class Library .

 14:- Block periods in time table.


The Common Minimum Programme (C.M.P.) is implemented as a part of strengthening primary education. A number of special facilities under C.M.P. facilitate a jouful, inspired and fruitful learning environment leaving a lasting impression in the minds of tiny-tots in Primary.  CMP is an approach towards inspirational teaching-learning process. It aims for children’s holistic development and bringing out the best latent in them.

         Inception of ‘Back to Basics’ in KendriyaVidyalayas has brought a revolution in teaching learning process at elementary stage. It not only helps students to attain knowledge in various curricular areas but also helps teachers enhance their proficiency in teaching keeping in view the need of children of various levels in a class.The learning outcomes helps teachers to understand thelearning levels of children in their respective classes individually as well as collectively.

                                                                                                         Dr. ARUN KUMAR SINGH


Our Support System

v The resource room is a vital organ of CMP. It is equipped with various teaching learning and informative materials and is meant to give space where the budding minds can explore creativity.

v It is furnished with 29” colour TV, Photocopier machine, computer, LCD projector.

v The room also provides space for indoor games like chess, ludo, carrom etc.

School Readiness Programme

v School Readiness Programme for class Ist went on for four weeks in the month of April - May 2018 (Detail of School Readiness Programme is attached with this report).

Designing Time-Table

v Two block periods per week are arranged for every scholastic subject and class. ICT classes are regular features taken in resource room.

v Periods are also allotted for class library. Class library contains variety of books depicting characters freedom fighters, picture books, stories from Panchtantra and folk tales of different states. 

v Time table for children’s movie also has been designed in such a way that every month each class visits to watch movie.

Co- Curricular Activities

All round development of children demands promoting interest in cultural activities. CCA activities cater to this need .We are conducting different CCA competitions ensuring that most of the children should participate. Hindi Pakhwara is being observed in the current month of September. Number of competitions in Hindilanguage are organized. KV IFFCO Phulpur, has been providing full opportunity to every child for their all-round development. Primary section conducted followingCCA activities during session of year 2018-19.





English Calligraphy


Drawing Competition


English Poem Recitation


Solo Song Competition


Solo Dance Competition


Group Dance Competition


fgUnh i[kokM+k


सुलेख प्रतियोगिता


कहानी कथन


श्रुतलेख प्रतियोगिता


कविता पाठ


Memory Test


Slogan Writing


Storey Telling Competition


Fancy Dress Competition





Film Show

Time table for children’s movie also has been designed in such a way that every month each class visits to watch movie.

Cubs - Bulbul Activities

AS per CMP guidelines, Cub - Bulbul activities are going on in our Vidyalaya. There are 30 bulbuls and 48 cubs have been registered for the session 2018- 19 in the month of July 2018. Following activities have been conducted for the session2018- 19.

·        Discussion on complete Cub-Bulbul uniform

·        Activities-



c) LEFT hand shaking

d) RING song

e) SING song

f) FLAG song

g) THANKYOU clap

h) WELCOME clap

·        Cleanliness of their own and surrounding etc.

06 cubs participated in Cub- bulbul camp held at kV 39 GTC Varanasi from 14-09-2018to 16-09-2018 to attend Chaturth Charan Testing Camp.





Games & Sports

As per the CMP guidelines games and sports for primary children are being conducted in Vidyalaya on Fundays. Different games like football, Cricket, shoe race, three- legged race, sack race  for boys and girls etc. have been conducted

Children Park has been furnished very well to provide very conducive environment for tiny-tots to play and enjoy.


Mini Sports

During the session, house wise intra section competition have been planned to conduct.  The best three players from each section will be chosen for house wise Mini Sports competition.

The events which are planned are mentioned below-


30 meter race, get ready for school race, balloon blast race.


30 meter race, 50 meter race, get ready for school race, book balance race.



50 meter race, sack race, three legged race, frog jump race.


100 meter race, sack race, three legged race, frog jump race, relay race.



100 meter race, three legged race, sack race, spoon race, relay race.





Community Lunch

 Sharing and caring of food builds up strong bonds among the tiny-tots. Organizing Community Lunch (Class- wise) has been the regular feature during the session. Detail is given below.

Community Lunch

Under CMP the community lunch of Primary Classes organized in the following dates (month -wise)




 Theme of lunch ( food)


I-A +B

Chhole Bhature/Poori Sabji


II- A +B

Chhole Bhature/Poori Sabji



Aaloo Paratha



Poori Sabji



Idali , Dosa , Sambhar etc.



Health Check -up

Vidyalaya has arranged doctors for regular health check- up. A doctor’s team conducted check up on 17th&18thSeptember 2018.

Classroom Activities

Joyful and activity based teaching-learning process is being adapted using TLM or ICT. The teachers are working hard with their students for improvement of academic performance. Remedial classes are going on for underachievers on every day in Zero period just after Morning Assembly.

Parent Teacher Meeting

KV IFFCO Phulpur Invited Parents for PTM on the following Dates in Primary.

PTA Meeting were held on 21-04-2018  and 18-08-2018      Discussion were held between parents and subject teachers for the improvement of their wards


Fun Day Activities

Every Saturday is observed as a Fun Day for Primary children . On this day children come to school without bags. The whole day Primary children use to enjoy in different fun activities such as Games, Music and dance , Skill development CCA activities and Yoga .